With groups such as the United Nations and projects such as #ShareTheGoals created by these such groups, the world has become and will continue to become a better place for all entities to exist in harmony and prosperity. Without these groups and projects, the world would not be as we know it. Without these groups and projects, our earth would not be as peaceful and balanced as it is today. Also, as it will be as these groups’ projects are finished and more projects are added on by these groups, the earth will continue to become grow more peaceful and balanced. Specifically, the United Nations’ project of “Share The Goals” is important to be accomplish as it provides more opportunity for the earth and every entity in it to have a greater quality of life in nearly every aspect of it, from health, education, vocation, law, and more, through the completion of the 17 Global Goals.

Global goals are important because they give a greater quality of life to every individual through health. General health and well-being is mentioned on Tun.com’s of 17 Sustainable Development Goals six times. Also, all six of those health relates goals are in the top seven global goals listed. As shown in the global goals list numerous times as well as having priority of the list (being listed or inferred in the first four goals), health should be the number one priority for everything. As with every goal, the global goals should put health first, as it does. Goal one and two are to end poverty and hunger, respectively. Ending these to problems, promotes health as individuals will no long suffer from low income and food quantities. Goals three, four, six, and seven support health through health itself, education, clean water and clean energy. All of these promote health. With education, individuals can afford to not only leave poverty and hunger, but also enter into a better quality of life. Education vastly supports health. Clean water and energy lead to healthy living as well. These basic but critical goals are the backbone of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals has they all support a common idea, health.

Promoting the global goals and accomplishing those global goals promotes health for all, which everyone can agree to support. The global goals support health. This is why I think the global goals are important, because the goals support the health and well-being of every entity on this earth. Health is the backbone of each and every one of our lives. With poor health comes a poor quality of life. Goal goals fight to support health of all, these goals fight to make the earth a better place for all entities to live in. This is why they are important.