Exercise in style — WEB14204 #RaveUX

This week we had make our wireframes clickable and find 2 users to test them out. I was a little sceptical about doing this. Mainly because the wireframes were very much made up of the bare bones of what elements would be on the site.

I decided to test my idea on two product and interaction designers to see what they thought about my layout, and find out if the idea behind my site was clear or not. One of the issues I initially struggled with was trying to not to say to much and trying to get the testers to speak as much as they could about what they thought. I tried to be as encouraging as possible in terms of getting them to open up, I did this by ensuring them that I wouldn’t get offended even if they had negative comments. I also didn’t want to say much either, so that I didn’t influence their thoughts too much.

I’m not sure if I have used this image in the right content. I think I have ?

The results

I had a mix bag of results. One of the positives was that both of the users picked up on the fact that the service was beauty based, and that there was an option to upload stuff.

But it did take them a minute to find there way around and figure out what was going on. But I found with both users once they had clicked around enough found where to go. I did have one user which was a little confused with what was going on, so I confess I did need to prompt him a little with what was going on. But he also didn’t really understand the product page. But when I spoke to him after he seemed to understand a little bit more.

What I learnt

I would say that I learnt how to keep quiet even when wanted to speak. If I did get the urge to speak, I developed a better way of phrasing what I needed to say, and vice versa when the tester asked me a question, I answered back in a way that didn’t influence their thought and in a way that I could also take valuable information from what they were asking as well.

I did also learn about the importance of content. I feel like had I of done this test with content I would have got a completely different result. As I think users react differently to visuals. But then at the same time this was a good way for me to test the structure of the site, and not have the testers influenced by visuals.

User testing- User 1
User testing- User 2
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