Invisible design — WEB14204 #RaveUX

To start I think during this whole project this might have been the most engaging blog post I have read. I really like the comparison to the real life examples that were made to. At first I did wonder what they had to do with anything. But the more I read on it soon became clear.

This way of thinking reminds me a lot of an iceberg. The way the user just sees what they need to see, and the elements of the app that are relevant to them. But behind the scenes there is much more going on. A lot of hard work goes into making the app as seamless as it is.

Metaphor of an app

I had never thought about design in the way I have just read. I think it is really interesting to look at it in that way. I feel like even though we have been practicing some of what Emmet was saying already I now have a new perspective on the situation. I love the idea of developing something that fits in seamlessly with the users life to the point they don’t even realise it is there. Because I feel that is the type of product that if it were removed from the users life they would notice in an instant. That is the type of products and services I would want to be developing.

Seamless Tech

This made me think ‘what I was trying to achieve with the product that I am currently developing’. As much as I would love to create something that would fall into the background of my users life, this is not something I have developed up until this point. I feel like what I have chosen to do might relate to the magician where by I have invested a lot of time to make the app operate as seamlessly as possible so that the user doesn’t have to think about where they want to go next, they don’t have to look for a button that might take them where they want to go. There is already one they’re waiting for them. But I also feel like my app provokes curiosity, which on the odd occasion might interest the user to click on something they may not have thought to look at before. But because its challenges the conventions that they are use to it makes them like. Just like when the coin disappears, it makes the user think ‘where has it gone?’

However I do think even though all of these principles are good, it does still have its drawbacks. Just as apps become easier for the users, and it fit in with their everyday lives. This does open the door for people who have intent of hacking, and people who are up to no good. So I do think it is important to find a middle ground for this.

These are defiantly principles I would take into every project I take on after this.

Metaphor of acting without thinking
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