Transitional interfaces- WEB14204 #RaveUX

After reading the blog post about transitional media I have a few mixed reviews about what I think about it. At first I was wondering what relevance this article had to do with the UX unit we were working on. But the more I read on the more I could start to understand how it has some relevance to what we were working on.

It reminded me a lot of the face animation I have created that I now have on the homepage of my final prototype. I think it gives the users that could use my social network more information, compared to if I had just had a picture in its place. Overall I found the animation more effective.

This is something that I discovered while I was doing user testing. I pitched the idea of having an animated face, so that the users could click on and interactive with to fast track them to a certain results page depending on what they were looking for and what they clicked on.

The only thing I would say that I didn’t really agree with in the article was the bit about the breadcrumbs. It was noted that they wouldn’t be needed, because the user doesn’t need to know how to get to where they are because they are already there. But I don’t really agree with this. Personally I think that breadcrumbs have more than one use. One of the main reasons I like this is because it lets the user know where they are, and it lets them jump back to another page, without having to continuously having to click the back button.

Other than that I found the blog post quite interesting.

My transitional face
Example of breadcrumbs
Example of the breadcrumbs I have used in my work
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