User testing report — WEB14204 #raveUX

What did you find out?

I was able to get three people to test my work, which I was happy with. I would say they all gave me really good feedback. Information that was really useful and feedback I’d like to implement within my own work. I went back over the videos and below I have made a few notes from what they said. I’ve highlighted some of the main feedback that I got from the test subjects.

User testing
What user testing can look like
User testing- people talking- and sharing thoughts

Kim’s friend

  • Found it easy to navigate around the site
  • Successfully uploaded an image and viewed it.
  • Thinks there is too much writing on the homepage. Feels like you would have to zoom a little bit.
  • Looks more like a webpage, for the amount of content that is on the page at the moment, seems like it would suit a website a bit more.
  • Too much for an app. — Simpler
  • Add personal beauty tips to the menu bar and take it away from the home page.
  • If it was for a website I would like it because then you would have the information, the picture and the space. — Like if you wanted to click on the log in button you could end up clicking on the picture.
  • I like the product page.
  • The options are clear; I like the hair page for people who like hair, and the makeup page. Easy to find you’re way around the app
  • It takes about 3–5 minutes to find your way around the app, but once you’ve done it you can easily find your way around. — Its not complicated.
  • I like where you have the comment, like and rate.
  • It would be nice not to have the search bar not across the screen like that, and literally have it in one of the corners.
  • Search bar reminds me of something that should be on a webpage.
  • Have fewer products and have them in a box, just a few main ones — a bit similar to the hair and makeup page.
  • The amount of text puts me off a bit.
  • Likes the idea of the face and then you click on the different areas.


  • Successfully uploaded a picture and viewed it as well.
  • I was looking for a little house icon for the home button.
  • A bit confused with the comments section on the profile page.
  • The upload process was fine.
  • Product page — is this where everyone posts their stuff.
  • Understands the product page, and hair and makeup are separate. “Product page is everything and then hair and makeup separate.”
  • Have notifications in the settings.
  • Having links on the homepage that take the user away from homepage — I don’t really like that. If you’re new to the app and you’ve just logged in or signed up, you don’t want it to then take you away. It would be confusing with the links but I get it how it is right now.
  • Make the sign in bigger.


  • Successfully uploaded a pictures and then viewed it.
  • Doesn’t think there is any other way to get back to the homepage, other than the menu bar.
  • It is very well structured I wouldn’t change anything.
  • The layout is okay — even though the profile picture is really far in so it doesn’t line up with the rest of the posts. With someone with OCD that might be okay, but that would have to change. Like making the profile picture a little bit bigger. So it fits in the right section properly.
  • The bio next to the profile picture is a very nice idea; because when someone else accesses the photo they know exactly about them.
  • It looks better on the phone.
  • The layout is really nice.
  • Yh with the tip at the top, then you have a picture, and then you have the tips at the bottom. Which is quite nice as well.
  • Its laid out really well, all the boxes are the same size.
  • It’s a very consistent look all the way through, minus some of the spacing, the letter spacing from the bottom and the top. Other than that it is consistent across all of the pages like it doesn’t change, which is quite good because there are a lot of pages on other peoples apps that are inconsistent, which takes it away from the looks of the app.
  • The words are relevant to beauty. Like the beauty board make sense because of the social network demographic who it is for. So in that way it would make sense because your picking words for your target audience.
  • Everything clicks through well.
  • You know where everything is spouse to be.
  • Everything is labelled out correctly and split up properly.
  • I wouldn’t say you’re able to simplify it anymore than it already is. It’s pretty simple to go through and do it. Obviously you have to go to the menu bar if you’re not on your profile page. You pretty much upload, pick whatever source you want it to be from, if you want to take a new photo or use one from your photo album. You write your description and press upload. I don’t personally see a way of making it an easier.

Did you observe any emerging patterns (e.g. similar comments from different people, similar obstacles they got stuck on)?

Everyone’s main the comment about it being easy to navigate around the site, and everything being really clear; for example the getting to the profile page, for up loading an image. Everyone seemed to understand my choice of jargon I had chosen to use for example the ‘beauty board’.

I had a problem with one of my menu bars — but that wasn’t a design issue that was a problem with one of my links.

Everyone liked my choice of pages. For example — hair and makeup.

Even though there was only a little bit people liked my choice of design as well.

How are you going to fold their feedback into your design? Put together a list of action items

I’m unsure about what feedback I’m going to use and bits I won’t, because there are some elements of the page that I got a mix bag of opinions so its hard to decide what I should and shouldn’t implement into my wireframes.

Elements I’ll be changing:

  • Reconsider the text on the homepage
  • Possibly get rid of the links on the homepage
  • Change the image on the homepage — possibly develop a face I could put there instead.
  • Make the sign up button bigger
  • Align the profile picture or make it bigger
  • Make the ‘log in and sign up’ bigger
  • Make the ‘upload’ button bigger

What did you learn about user-testing in general?

In general I found the user testing a good experience. I think it was good to get an idea of what actual users think of the design. As they are use to expecting certain functionalities when they use products. I found they could help you see when you are missing something, as they usually ask “oh how do I” or “where do I” this helped me to see where I was missing elements.

It taught me a better way to phrase my question, which helped me to find out more without saying too much to the subject and stop me from influencing their decisions.

Examples of users clicking around and testing my site
Another example of user testing, what they thought- and liked and didn’t like
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