Body Shaming:- Own Your Body!

Hello, peeps I am not here to share a fashion blog today but something that I am sure most of us are struggling with. Yes, it is body shaming.

I was a fat child, I felt humiliated. I took my lunch box to school but never ate it thinking I would be judged. I felt the bullying in school when compared with my thin friends or cousins, I remember I didn’t feel like going out because of the fear of being judged or made fun of. I developed a feeling of self-hatred.

All this lead to me starving, eating only one meal a day because I wanted to fit in the section of pretty girls. I wish I could reverse the time and tell the 16 years old me that you are not ugly, it’s just a phase that will pass away.

Honestly girls, I still go through body shaming, when I started my fashion blog people told me I am not that thin as compared to another size zero bloggers. But I don’t give a damn I love my body, I feel I am no less.

I wrote this blog to tell all the teenage girls out there, your body is beautiful, everyone is unique. Own your body! Hope this blog helps you all, I wish no one feels the way I felt about myself, also I would like to Thank Charuka Arora for encouraging me to write about my story.

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