2017 pretty much suck(ed)

Eating maggots is actually the best caption for me!

Its official my life sucks-this is not a line from a movie!

December 2016, with a sneak peak of 2017 it looked like this was finally it, all my hardwork was going to pay off in the year 2017. I had been trying to start a company over the last year spent so much money that I didn’t have on this venture, the result, finally I had caught the attention of top Silicon Valley investors, now is the time, I headed to Nigeria to increase traction and boom raise that ‘VC moonnnneeyyyy’! The plan was set in stone, I would finally get to pay my superstars who had worked tirelessly with me with no pay.

Life is beautiful — the Lego house is about to crumble. I don’t gather the data required to improve our algorithm, but again can’t be scared to fail in search of perfection. As a badass that I am, I move into sales mode, get organizations to signup and I am pretty confident in myself that this would happen. February 14: d-day I grind in 2-hours with Mike, the verdict comes in, its a no-I have no knowledge of this market validate it and try and get money from local accelerators to validate this.

I am not one to mope over rejection, on the contrary, I move on in swift fashion with renewed vigor, this is not a philosophy article and I am not here to bore you with philosophies.

The amalgamation of my health, professional, personal, social, relationship trials brings the Lego house down! I am down, I mean rock bottom like drilling oil bottom. It is that bad, I think only Odysseus beats this — naahh this is exaggerating. There is no good only some real bad shit happening but guess what in the midst of these bad sucky experiences:

I’ve never felt better!

I feel good, I read more books than ever, acquired so many skills, increased my bandwidth, fell in love with life more, said please and thank you, smiled and laughed.

In retrospect, when I said my life sucks, it actually did not suck, sure I had my worst experiences as a human this year, but I have also had my best experiences this year. I had goals of traveling to South Africa, PNG and Beijing at the beginning of this year and planned doing that with my money fast forward to June, I have expenses paid invites to these countries in August and November, wouldn’t be a bad idea paying for only one — Don’t be greedy Simi.

My business venture has failed and I have picked up a job at a company where I am sure to learn a lot and give the best years of my life to however the dream of improved healthcare in Africa isn’t dead and despite the fact that it would not be done by me, I would be willing to help and stir up the individual and team who would get it right.

To this end we would be making our technology and data open source at the Health Innovation Summit Africa in August where I would be speaking on Healthcare 2.0 in Africa.

Looking forward to the next phase of my life with Accounteer.

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