Getting through the door

“This is Lagos, everybody would use their power — 10-Sept-2013”

I don’t know anybody in that company is the reason most youths give when a job application fails. Rightly so, the easiest way to get a job, meeting, favor, the list is endless is through a recommendation, heck yeah if I was a manager, you don’t expect me to pore through thousands of applications or documents which might not even count towards my KPIs at the end of the day, when a recommendation from someone who I have worked with would basically do that for me. This is a life fact!

However, there is always the place for a wildcard which is where the hustlers and the street savvy people come in. I’ve always seen myself as one while outsiders see me as a fortunate person which for the life of me I don’t get. I can count the number of times that I have used personal connections for professional development which cannot exceed 5, personally, I remember only once — apart from money though *winks*.

I remember speaking with a classmate seeking a new opportunity, and ask “have you applied to Nestoil?” He replies “I still dey find link there, you sabi anybody?” to which I reply no and you could just apply you never know. If I was working right in front of Nestoil, I would have sent emails, visited and continued visiting till I get the so called ‘love letter’.

Like I said referrals are the easiest way to get through the door, however when that isn’t available, force your way through the door. I once needed a meeting with NIBSS, sent a LinkedIn message, looked for a direct email, tried connections still no luck. With time running out, went the traditional route of an official letter which I knew the security can acknowledge, I clearly needed more than that to get my meeting at short notice. It’s a good habit to get to unscheduled meetings at the hour times so you can say I have my meeting by “11am” — works most times to get past the security. Then the reception, if you don’t have a meeting there’s no going through, but again when they ask if you do, yes I do is the right response and when your details are nowhere to be found, a call would be put to whoever you claim you have your meeting with. Over to you, that’s your meeting.

For the “unprivileged” youths of this generation which I belong to, its very important to understand the chain of connection to whatever you require, LinkedIn and Google are good tools for this,

Figuring out this connection chain and the interest of your target would help you build a network valid for almost any target.

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