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Hacktoberfest Swag from 2018

While when one thinks about contributing to open source, the first thoughts are usually about writing code. Nonetheless, there are more fun ways that you can make your contribution other than coding, These include:

  • Starting an Open Source project.
  • By being an open source Evangelist
  • Reviewing a project
  • signing-up as a Preview user / Beta test user
  • Mentoring developers & Being a Subject Expert by answering questions
  • Creating Educational materials and Content
  • By signing-up as a Preview user / Beta test user
  • Contributing to Documentation
  • Organizing Conferences/meet-ups

Now let’s discuss these fun ways in detail …

By starting an Open Source project.

Have you thought about a cool solution that you think can be implemented with technology? Is it something that could interest other developers? Well, you may not know how to code but you may contribute by making that first step to establish that cool idea as an open source project.
> Give your project a a good descriptive name.
> Author a public document describing the project, its purpose and vision.
> Spread the news out to developers through a communication channels like Online Forums, a mailing list or at a tech event.
> Request an early adopter to open a repository, submit a contributor’s guide so that other developers can easily get started contributing.
> You are all set! The other way of going about this would be attending an open-source sprint, sharing about you project and getting team-mates to start hacking off. …

Challenge accepted! gideon bamuleseyo and Stephen Senkomago Musoke have challenged us ( here ) to write a short post about our development artillery. I’ve decided to write a blog-post too and here we go..

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The Zone


  • Lenovo L580 (15-inch, Two Thunderbolt 3 ports) with 1.6 GHz (with Turbo Boost up to 4.5GHz) Quad-Core Intel Core i5 processor, 16 GB RAM, and 250GB SSD Hard drive.
  • 2 AOC Monitors. I use 2 monitors on my sides, I love these for being bezel-less and sleek. I like them vertical for scrolling code and tracking long terminal output.
  • Music: I currently use basic Samsung Headsets that I got from a friend’s phone. They do my electronic music good justice for now. …

A week ago, I took the step to publish my first python package to the Python Packaging index, blow is my recount of the quick, simple process I followed and you too can do it.

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The PyPi landing page of the published package

First, Lets learn what is meant by PyPi, pip.

What is importing?
Let’s use an example to explain this: When you put two python files (named & in the same folder, you can import one file’s code to be used in another using the import keyword;

>>> import file2

This is because your current directory is always part of the PATH; where you program searches for imported modules to use them when running your code. …


J Edison Abahurire

I write myself out. Code Chef | Athlete | I Dance and Love travelling. I’m diving into Data Science.

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