“Jesus: Sent to Save Sinners Like Us,” Feb 19, 2017

Additional Information: Bob, His Doctor, and Your Moral Life

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The Text: Mark 2:13–17
*What words, phrases, or parts of the story catch your attention? Why?
*What is something you noticed for the first time?
*What questions do you have about the text?
*Was there anything that bothered you?
*What did you learn about loving God and loving others?

Some traditions have used Jesus’ words to create a metaphor: “the church as a hospital for sinners.” Use this metaphor to reflect on the following:
*How does this metaphor actually play out in real life? That is, how does the church go about “treating” and/or “healing” sin? And, how are we doing in this role? Are we effective as a hospital? Why? Why not?
*The church doesn’t always have a positive reputation as being a safe place to be honest about one’s need for healing. Why does that reputation exist? What can we do to change this perception?

In the article linked above, the author, an Orthodox priest, says, “We need a doctor for our souls, not a lawyer for our morality.”
*What is your gut reaction to this statement? What do you think he means? 
*What are the differences between a doctor and lawyer?
*Think about Jesus’ role as both Healer and Judge. Which has been more emphasized in your experience in the church? In your opinion, why does one role tend to be emphasized more than the other? How might this impact one’s view of Jesus and one’s practice of the Christian faith?

*If you believed Jesus’ teachings were true, what is one thing you could do to respond to this text?

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