“Practice Resurrection,” April 19, 2017

Additional Information: Commentary on Luke 24:1–12

Corresponding Message: SimiCov Media

The Text: Luke 24:1–12
*What words, phrases, or parts of the story catch your attention? Why?
*The Easter story is all too familiar: What is something you noticed for the first time?
*What questions do you have about the text?
*Was there anything that bothered you?
*What did you learn about loving God and loving others?

In the article above, the author writes, “Those who gather for worship on Easter Sunday follow in the footsteps of Peter. They have heard the rumor that Jesus is alive and come to hear again for themselves: ‘What if it is true?’”
*What do you think Peter and the disciples response was on that day? What emotions, thoughts, ideas went through their minds?
*What would you have done, thought, believed if you had been the women? The disciples?

“What if it’s true?” This is the biggest question surrounding the resurrection! If it’s true, then the whole world is changed. Death is defeated.
*In your opinion, what does it mean to put the resurrection into practice? What does “resurrection living” look like?

In the sermon, Chad talked about remembering your baptism.
*What is your baptism story? What do you remember?
*How do you understand/explain what happens in baptism? 
*If you haven’t been baptized, what has kept you from this step?

Chad told a parable about a group who didn’t know the resurrection had happened, but were committed to following Christ’s teachings. (If you were unable to listen to the sermon, you can read the parable here: Being the Resurrection)
*What makes you uncomfortable? What can you relate to?
*What is the POINT the author is trying to make?

*If you believed Jesus’ teachings were true, what is one thing you could do to respond to this text?