“Walking With Jesus: Prayer and Study,” June 25, 2017

Additional Information: Praying the Jesus Prayer

Corresponding Message: SimiCov Media

The Text: Matthew 7:7–12
*What words, phrases, or parts of the story catch your attention? Why?
*What is something you noticed for the first time?
*What questions do you have about the text?
*Was there anything that bothered you?
*What did you learn about loving God and loving others?

The overarching theme of this week’s message was prayer and study.
What devotional practices have you incorporated in your life? 
*What has been the most difficult thing about having a regular life of prayer/study? 
*Where have you had success?
*What tools, resources, practices do you think others would find helpful?

The article linked above gives instructions on how to pray “the Jesus prayer.” This prayer originated sometime in the 6th Century and has continued mostly in the Orthodox Christian tradition.
*Have you ever tried to pray using something like the Jesus Prayer? 
*What are you concerns, reservations about using this prayer practice?
*What would you think would be helpful about using a prayer practice like this?

Practice Lectio Divina using 2 Timothy 3:10–17 as your text. You will read this text 4 times. Instructions:
1st Reading
 — Focus on a word or phrase that stands out or speaks to you. If comfortable, say only the word or phrase out loud in the group. Give a chance for everyone to share. (Do not explain why yet)
2nd Reading — Again, what word or phrase did you hear this time? Share with the group. Briefly begin to think about why this particular word or phrase is grabbing your attention. What are the values, or the mood in this passage? What do you feel, or what emotions are conjured in your self?
3rd Reading — Based on what you are hearing, what is God calling you to do/be? Why is God asking you to pay attention to these particular words?
4th Reading — Reflect on what you heard and why these words, phrases or emotions were so vivid/strong for you. Why do you think these words stood out? Share with the group if people feel comfortable.

*If you believed Jesus’ teachings were true, what is one thing you could do to respond to this text?