“Walking With Jesus: What’s Your Ministry?,” June 18, 2017

Additional Information: 5 Reasons Engagement Will Drive Almost All Future Church Growth

Corresponding Message: SimiCov Media

The Text: Ephesians 4:11–16
*What words, phrases, or parts of the story catch your attention? Why?
*What is something you noticed for the first time?
*What questions do you have about the text?
*Was there anything that bothered you?
*What did you learn about loving God and loving others?

*Where are you currently serving (inside or outside the church)?
*Describe a time serving significantly impacted your life.

In the article linked above, Nieuwhof says, “Engagement leads to invitation.”
*Can you think of a time when someone engaged in an activity or event was so passionate that you eventually got involved?
*Can you think of a time where your passion for an activity or event caused someone to join you?

Pastor Chad’s sermon talked about the job of the leader to equip and empower others for shared ministry.
*Can you think of a time when you felt “used” or ill-equipped as a volunteer? What would have made that situation better?
*Can you think of a time where you well-trained and supported as a volunteer? What did leaders do well?
*How can you/we better equip and power our volunteers at Simi Covenant?

*If you believed Jesus’ teachings were true, what is one thing you could do to respond to this text?