Simi’s Tech Adventures #4

Simi Awokoya
Jun 20, 2018 · 2 min read

Here’s what I got up to during London Tech Week.

First stop was the Tech for Britain conference. I was a speaker on a panel with some incredible thought leaders. We spoke about how to foster inclusivity in the workplace and the importance of role models in Technology for women and underrepresented groups. I really enjoyed the different perspectives shared: we all came from different backgrounds and all work in Tech but in completely different sectors(software evangelism, retail technology, fintech and recruitment), so it was a really refreshing conversation!

I was on Tech Days Online! Tech Days Online is a Technology show live streamed on Microsoft’s Channel 9. I had an interview for the communities spotlight segment and spoke about how Witty Careers helps Black women and women from ethnic minority groups get jobs in Tech. Really enjoyed the conversation and had so much fun in the Microsoft Reactor studio. You can watch the interview here:

To wrap up the week, I got to attend and speak at the phenomenon that is Wonder Women Tech! I love the conference name so much, can you tell :) The theme this year was #WeAreInnovators and I was so honored to be invited. I was on the Building Inclusive cultures panel, which was an incredible session- my fellow panelists were so inspiring. I met so many changemakers at this conference and it’s safe to say the future of Tech is in good hands!

Software Engineer turned Cloud Solution Architect. Founder of Witty Careers ( Sharing adventures cheerleading the next gen of #womenintech

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