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Helps manage WFH schedules, Events, and location tracking

Context: It’s 2022. The way we work needs a makeover

We now have more meetings than ever. We are sometimes trapped in a home with two individuals having meetings at the same time when our child is wailing. It’s simply chaotic. Furthermore, pandemics forced us to do all events and activities online, including birthdays, marriages, games, celebrations, and even the death of a loved one through zoom. It’s more important than ever to take control of our schedule in one single place

The pandemic irrevocably changed our way of life. People are likely scrambling to figure out how to transition to remote work.

A glimpse of Today Reality

The Problem

Although pandemics altered our way of life, humans are always changing and making the required changes, but the tools we use remain trapped in the pre-pandemic age.

“The tools we use remain trapped in the pre-pandemic age.”

After investigating several tools and conducting interviews through Zoom, I narrowed the problem down to three major areas.


As a result of my investigation and use of the card sorting process, I am able to focus on only three viable scenarios.

Version A

Initially, I tried the direction of Google shared calendar, the idea is to show both you and your partner's calendar in a single calendar. I tried making it more expressive by adding more illustrations.

Version b

In this version, I made it more personal by adding Memojis also provided a weekly;y view to show the overview of the week.

Video conflicts are the most difficult thing they encounter on a daily basis.

Based on all the previous I made a final version that clearly highlights the Conflict when you tap on it you can notify your partner or you can reschedule the meeting

Version a

Initially, I experimented with several iOS system styles.

Version b

The objective this time was to make it as light as possible, therefore I chose this small modal layout to make it as simple as possible to establish an online event. The key things I performed here were organizing the various sorts of events that users may host and where they might hold them, such as zoom, YouTube live, and having a group of family members so that users could simply pick them.

How it can scale

Then I considered how all of my activities, such as my doctor’s visit, a friend’s wedding, a game night with college friends, and so on, might fit into this one module.

Problem a: Notifying your Kids

The first draft I tried was quite a basic one where I let users see all red covid zones in the and let user alert their kids through iMessage.

Problem b: Map view is hard to navigate

Most people had trouble zooming in and out to view and alert their children, which surprised me.


After completing this project, I was overcome with emotion, and I considered pitching this app concept to a venture capitalist in order to obtain funding. Because I am certain of it.

“The tools we use remain trapped in the pre-pandemic age.”

Thank you for taking the time to read about my project!




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