Doc2Block allows you to store the SHA256 encryption of your files to the Ethereum blockchain.

You might want to do this for multiple reasons: proof of document issuing, signing a document, proof of document writing date etc.

You can do this by tying your Ethereum Metamask wallet address to an easy to prove entity like a contract, a website footer, etc.

When you click the add to blockchain button, the Ethereum network will issue a transaction containing among other things your address and the SHA256 encryption of your document.

It is at the same time both public, as anyone who…

When it comes to Capitalism, most people I’ve talked to have this view that Capitalism is a poor economic system, but is still better than all the others.

And I partially agree with this statemen. This does not imply that we cannot create a better system. After all, the same thing could have been said by the peasants in the middle ages: “Yes the feudal system has its problems but it grants us protection from invaders and other systems have already collapsed.”

Can we come up with a better economic system than capitalism without recycling any old system?

The main…

Simion Alexandru

Cypherpunk Crypto-enthusiast

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