Men Will Be Men? London’s “To Build a Fire”

The arrogance of man

When one allows pride to get in the way of sense then one must eventually pay the consequence.

Men are born into the world being told that they have to be strong, mescaline, and brave. They are never told no they are told that the world is a huge play ground and they should go out and play and make the world theirs. To need help is to be weak, to cry is to be weak, they are never told that it is okay for them to need help or be weak. In the story “To Build A Fire” by Jack London the author talks about an unnamed man that is making his way through Alaska, and he is determined to make it at all coast without help. In this story the man fails in his naïve arrogance in which he believe that he needs no help and he can make it on his own.

In the being of the story readers are told about the man having no imagination he believe that his way is the right way and he basically lives in denial of the horrible situation that he is in. Though the protagonist knows that it is extremely cold outside and has been already warned not to go outside if the temperature is 50 degree below 0 he still ignores the advice and neglects his human body and allow it to take in more cold than the human body can take, because his arrogance and pride allows him to believe that his way is the right way and that he himself will be fine. as stated in the story “ The trouble with him was that he was not able to imagine. He was quick and ready in the things of life, but only in things, and not in their meaning.” Meaning he would always act without thought he did not think before he would act because he just felt that he knew it all.

In conclusion the arrogance of man can lead to the death of man, it is not good to act without thought, because this man did not think before acting and allowed his arrogance and pride to get in the way of his common sense. he did not care enough for his human body which is why he eventually dies. arrogance and pride will eventually lead to self destructions.