Best ways to become celebrity’s Bodyguard

A working day for a celebrity guard can include anything that accompanies the guest at dinner, business meetings, video clips, shopping or awards ceremonies. By working as a team, the advanced security team prepares an area for the arrival of the customer by performing a first scan of the website and ensuring its security before moving to its next location.

The celebrity and the bodyguard then meet; the bodyguard always keeps the door open and helps his client.


Fame bodyguards can be attributed to higher status or higher threat customers as their experience increases. This means a higher content. Celebrity bodyguards can also open their own agencies or be promoted in managerial positions within the agency.

Education and training
Celebrity lifeguards still have a special form of military or police training. The main security companies employ only US veterans and law enforcement officers, including Navy Seals, the US Army Delta Force and other special Ops veterans. The university is not necessary, although there are training programs.

Experience and skills

As mentioned above, military experience or law enforcement is essential, with the most prestigious companies accepting candidates only in the highest military service or law enforcement functions. Celebrity bodyguards should have superior strength as well as information so they can fight an attacker as easily as they can zero on potential threats in a crowded space.

also there are some training institute around the globe which they offer different curse like bodyguard training, spr certificate training etc.

Personally, Richard Davis says the most important thing it takes to become a successful celebrity goalkeeper is the training and desire to help those who cannot help but “take care of the tyrants”. The essential qualities of a hairdresser guardian are “the calm, the strength, the perseverance, the appearance of an agent of the department of presidential protection and the healthy human understanding to be a” completed professional “.


“The only thing that goes with our business is that it is completely contradictory,” says Davis. The time spent on each customer depends on the personal preferences of the celebrity. Bodyguards can change eight or twelve hours. You can make shorter shifts, say, for example, if the customer just wants protection, then she will put her hair before a Grammy look. And lifeguards can also run all day. “When you’re awake, you’re awake,” he adds. To ease the 24-hour protection, bodyguards work together with managers, agents, attorneys, assistants, promoters, producers, owners of bars and restaurants and other famous bodyguards.

The employment outlooks are strong, for those with the necessary background, which is not everyone. “There is no entry-level program, you start at the top of the game, you’re qualified or you’re not,” says Davis. Successful candidates are from the highest ranks of the military service or are senior veterans of high law enforcement. In the most prestigious security firms in the country, potential employees can wait up to two years for an initial meeting.

Revenue of bodyguard
Elite body bodyguards begin at $ 100 an hour and usually work from 8 to 12 hours. Revenues may vary depending on the level of care and safety issues for the company.

Trade unions, groups, social media and associations

Groups such as the American Bodyguard Association (NABA) exist to provide opportunities for support and networking for members. The NABA Facebook site is open to non-members who can ask questions and assess their ability to assess threats in photos published by veteran bodyguards. However, there is no association or group to which Celebrity Bodyguards should join. Most celebrity bodyguards are part of a community of veterans of their specific service industry.

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