Best works that you can outsource

Using a virtual assistant can shave hours of your work, but knowing what tasks to delegate can be difficult when you start or expand a business. Most virtual assistants are hired or freelancers or virtual employee who do for administrative tasks, do their homework and focus similar to those of an assistant or secretary.

E-mail Management: To avoid losing time in your email inbox, some virtual assistants will filter out your most important emails and answer the rest of your name, Celaya covo said. This email management is easy to do remotely but you need to provide advice when choosing keys to provide emails and ask the assistants to copy before sending a response to reduce the risk of errors.

Social Tasks: Virtual assistants can be a good bet to cope with tasks such as writing Christmas or thank-you letters, said Bisharat, who notes that social tasks have become a very common task. These tasks can be “all consuming” for executives, she said, “but a good virtual assistant can take care of everything. “

Search Travel: Virtual assistants are a great resource for finding hotels, air ticket booking trips tables for business and pleasure, says Pearson. Participants can enjoy the growing number of tools to enjoy travel sites to explore and review. You can also deal with troublesome browsing or time with the search by calling areas of international travel arrangements.

Programming: Since many programming tools are available online, virtual assistants manage plans to many customers, said Kramer Hardwoods. Tasks include other invitations with meeting appointments with customers and events of the aid plan. “It is convenient to go and leave this calendar” a person who does not work in the staff working remotely, “said Kramer Harrawood.

Data Presentations: Convert raw data into clear PowerPoint presentation or a summary of research results in a Word document can be a great time-saver when preparing meetings, said Rich Pearson, Marketing Director at Enlace. Com, a site for free jobs in Mountain View, California, which uses a virtual assistant. The data “back into a format I can share,” he said.

Accounting: keeping an eye on bills and other accounting issues can be one of the simplest things a virtual assistant says, says Kathy Colaiacovo, Marketing Director of the International Association of Virtual Assistants, a trading group based in Henderson, Nevada. Many small businesses decide to share their billing systems with virtual assistants who can then go on tasks like unpaid bills or unpaid bills. “They will provide passwords [including] and access to accounts,” said Colaiacovo.

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