Relationship Building

Attending to Andela boot camp is one of the places I have had a chance to meet people from all walks of life. I have had a chance to interact with new people for the past few days that I have been there. My experience at the boot camp has exposed me to new perspectives, opinions and unique social environment where people get to learn as they work.

During my first day at the boot camp, I was happy to meet my first teammate Maggie. I had a chance to sit next to her on that very day we started the boot camp. From the time we said hello to each other our conversation kept on going smoothly and everything seemed to work to fine for us. I learnt that she is one person would courageously pick up a conversation with a new person in place.

Maggie seemed to be social throughout the day interacting everyone in our team something that made her unique from the rest of us. She was happy to ask questions whenever she felt she had a problem with her work. She always wears a smiling face every time she talks or consults anything from other teammates. She is always confident about her work as well as a learning-oriented person.
I was also lucky to meet James Savali always open to everyone and likes checking on what others are doing. He is one likeable person that you won’t mind staying around with. He always comes out of his way to help his teammates solve their problems. He always is ready to share his knowledge and skills we the rest of the team. He spares his time to listen to people whenever people ask him of anything. 
Savali is one person who is always confident about what he is doing. He is always proud to see others succeed where he has succeeded. He is so passionate about programming every time would you hear him talk. He is not shy to request team collaboration to help solve a problem or complete a task.

I also had another opportunity to meet Victor who is one humble guy that you would notice from a distance. I liked his personality and kindness whenever he talked to the rest of the team. He is always mindful of others and ready to seek clarification where he has an issue. I noticed he is a keen person who would always like to follow things strictly. He always keeps some level of respect for his teammates.

One other person, I can’t miss talking about is Collins , my Learning Facilitator at Andela. He is a humble guy who is friendly to everyone. I liked his courage to share his experiences at Andela. He is someone you would want to go for advice whenever you have a need. He is always there to provide the necessary support to see everyone succeed in our team.

I have learnt so much from my friends within the little time that I have interacted with my friends in the boot camp. I am proud of being able to create some level of connection with the majority of teammates at the boot camp. I hope to build a good working relationship to help me push through the boot camp process.