The universe is made up of tiny stories.

Here’s the first one. This one is made with code.

7399th day on Earth.

Location: InOut Hackathon, SVNIT Surat, Gujarat, India.

Created RuralFuse with two amazing team members: Umang and Soham.

This part of universe is made with Laravel, MySql, Javascript, HTML5 and CSS3.

What is it?

RuralFuse builds a database of jobseekers and employment opportunities, and then matches the jobseekers to potential jobs around their locality. We also have representative who would be gathering the initial data from the jobseekers, since not all of them would be able to work with a computer to fill in their data into the portal.
Employers can post their jobs on the portal. They can do this with the help of our representatives too.
When skills of a jobseeker get matched with any of the active jobs, our representatives can queue calls to all potential
We also give preference to differently abled people for job opportunities that might be suitable for them.

How it works for Jobseekers:

How it works for Employers:

How RuralFuse’s representative works:

This is the good part:

This one too:

Find it on DevPost:

Go Fork it. Suggest, edit or just drop by:

Thanks for reading this :)

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