Comprehensive AWS EC2 Deployment with TravisCI Guide
David Thai

This was fantastic! Saved me a heap of work and very well done considering I’ve only used AWS for like a week. A couple of points to add:

  1. You now can add an IAM to an existing EC2 instance, here’s the link I followed as I’d already spun up the EC2 I was going to deploy code to.

2. The ‘Create Application’ button was replaced by other options if you’ve never made an Application before. So I had to go through ‘Get Started’ then ‘In-place’ (the other option is ‘Blue/Green’ or replacement, something like that) and finally ‘Custom’.

3. The &2, *2 was a bit cryptic so might want to explain that a bit more

4. On a non-root account, you have to go to Users->Travis (or whatever you named the Travis user) and find the AccId set of numbers for the Travis-Code-Deploy policy. I used the numbers in the ARN to get the policy to work.

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