Simple dude from N-Y, and you know why

The first time, I doubted, let me speak life

5 boys, 3 girls, from The Gardenz

Was simple back then, 8 meant built in friends

Never had anything new, knockoffs on the first day

And still til this time, I feel uneasy buying something expensive

Im more pensive, money used definitive purpose, I learned this

but back then had nothing, lost all confidence

Dad didnt come home, used to take us to the park

In the blue truck but the drugs and alcohol took him

he was away for so long, no more block park rides down the hill

still feel the breeze from the back, felt we had the world right there

realized that that was the thing that really mattered

Shattered dreams, drugs and alcohol took him, he died too soon

Felt so much weaker, lost for years, forgotten times

Thought I was out on the street alone, standing in line

Grew up hard, thought living meant scars

the more you gained you wear as a badge of honor

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