Your next favourite app for: Wallpapers

One of the fundamental apps for the customization of my android device is “Tapet”, it is an automatically generator of material design wallpaper, but you may confuse it with others like material wallpapers, Tapet is different, it has no databases and you can’t choose exactly your wallpaper, Tapet will choose it for you. You can choose a period of time, for example 1 hour (or another period between 1 minute and 1 week), and every hour Tapet will automatically create a new wallpaper following material design’s guidelines. They are all beautiful in my opinion, but if you don’t like a wallpaper you can easily change it with just a tap, and with thumbs up and thumbs down buttons Tapet will understand what kinds of wallpaper you like most and adapt its suggestions to your preferences, and you can do all that with three handy button-like widgets.

OK, but..purple is absolutely the color I hate most, so I can say to Tapet the colors I like and the colors I don’t like. So you have always a beautiful, new, unexpected wallpaper every hour, without ever having to think of changing it. So, if you like material design, or geometric pictures, or simply colourful wallpapers, this is your app!

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