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I was sitting outside in a cafe enjoying a cup of coffee and scanning through the latest edition of La Plume. Everything felt new and exciting as I had just arrived to Paris the evening before. It was quiet and hardly any people were passing by during the early morning hour.

I felt a bit out-of-character sitting outside this marvellous structure. I was a poor young aspiring designer lucky enough to be at the center of the modern design world. I could tell immediately that the exterior of the cafe was inspired by nature, even though it was presented in a flat and abstract way. …

Inside the room. Looking out from the window to city. It is dark. You can see traces of buildings and lights.
Inside the room. Looking out from the window to city. It is dark. You can see traces of buildings and lights.


A new day at Block One unofficially begins when the central alarm goes off at 0545 hours each morning. The alarm, called as Dawnbell, is a one-hour long broadcast consisting of nature sounds and binary beats, carefully engineered to provide a sense of calmness and reach as many levels of sound a human ear can possibly recognize. …

How to utilize design thinking as a mindset to create a solution that can help to enhance inpatient healthcare operations among clinical staff? This case study is an UX/UI research for an inpatient app concept for doctors and nurses. Time to investigate.

Newwward concept design — futuristic hospital environment
Newwward concept design — futuristic hospital environment
Welcome to Newwward

Problem — Overwork and Repetitive Tasks

Healthcare workforce faces an overload of work, shortage of staff and poor work-life balance. These issues can lead to declining morale and poor well-being, which can further affect decision-making and influence both the patient’s and staff’s satisfaction and experience. This questions the sustainability of the current workflow models.

Healthcare industry needs to embrace technology as a form of supporting workers and thus enabling more focus on patient-facing activities, shifting from volume-based to value-based care. How could this be possible and why are doctors so overworked? A lot of technology is already being embraced by the healthcare industry with excellent results, but doctors and nurses are still overworked and under-staffed. A general assumption could be that there are so many people and so few doctors. However, looking at the scenario from a more information-based perspective — a lot of daily (administrative) tasks take a heavy toll on the workflow, which is what Newwward aims to solve. …


Simo Herold

a Finnish Visual + Product Designer (UI/UX Designer)

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