So what’s a Derby to Nottingham Tram ever going to do for us?

I have concerns over the D2N2 devolution “proposals” (and I’m not the only one).

Nottingham and Derby want to join up their cities with a Tram Network that will cost hundreds of millions of pounds – Let’s be honest – This will have no benefit for Bassetlaw whatsoever – anyone that claims otherwise is either living in a fantasy land or deliberately misleading local people. Why does money keep being poured into Nottingham?

It’s a massive shame that Leaders in D2N2 poured scorn on my proposal to duel the A57 to speed up journey times between Bassetlaw Sheffield and Rotherham and decried my calls for improvements to the A1 that would benefit Retford.

Some people simply want to ignore the fact that thousands of local people go to work in South Yorkshire instead of travelling over an hour down a very bad road to Nottingham.

Isn’t it better to concentrate our efforts on better transport links that people will use than forking out hundreds of millions of pounds of taxpayers money for a Nottingham Tram that will be no use to anyone around here?

Simon Greaves

Leader of Bassetlaw District Council

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