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Lean Six Sigma. An industry buzzword. Improving businesses, improving lives.

Six Sigma stands for data-driven business analysis: produce products with very narrow spec tolerances according to the customer needs. Lean means eliminating all waste: create a perfectly streamlined process that delivers the value the customer needs. Together, they form an efficacious and sturdy management philosophy.

However, my experience in the so-called Lean Industry has taught me practice and theory don’t always make honest friends.

It all originated after the World Wars with the Toyoda family in Japan (yes, those of the Toyota brand). They developed a “Lean” philosophy to compete…

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Life means hustling. Working ambitiously. Craving the weekend for sleep. Having a social life. Never missing out of the fun. Growing yourself.

Every. Day. Again.

No matter how hard you work, you feel it’s never enough. That you are never enough. That others are always stronger, better, smarter. So you keep on working long days. Preferably having an additional side hustle at night. Performing well at some unusual hobbies. Maintaining your influencer profile. Throwing great parties. Knowing all the gossip.

Because, in the end, you believe, you will be happy. Genuinely happy.

We live in a world of never-ending longing…

Simon Allosserie

Engineer by day, musician by night. Strives for open-mindedness and mental health. Let’s talk. Let’s think.

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