How To Never Forget Thai Vocab Anymore

Keep forgetting Thai words and phrases when you need them the most: in actual conversation with locals?

In our app Simply Learn Thai we introduced a feature that makes remembering your vocab very effective. Follow the instructions below daily and you’ll see a rapid progress in your Thai skills.

Step By Step Instructions

  1. If you haven’t done so, download our app Simply Learn Thai (it’s free).
  2. Open the Study tab, and choose the track “Beginner”. You will see the randomly chosen phrase or word. In case “ พูดช้าๆหน่อยได้ไหม ” (Hint: If you are a pro and can read Thai already, you can switch off the Transcript in the settings)

3. Think a few seconds about the meaning of the word. Then click on “Show Answer”.

4. How well did you know the word?

  • Not at all: Press “Again”
  • It took several seconds to remember the word: Press “Hard”
  • It was relatively easy to remember: Press “Good”
  • You feel you know the word by heart: Press “Easy”

If you pressed “Again”, the app will ask you for this phrase again at the same day. If you pressed any of the other options, the app will ask you again in several days. This depends on how well you remembered this phrase in the past.

5. Continue these steps, until there are no phrases left to learn for this day. Congratulations, you finished the first day on your way to Thai fluency! Tomorrow you will only be asked the phrases you didn’t remember well.

Why Is This So Effective?

If you use this learning method every single day, it increases your learning speed and effectiveness vastly. The algorithm behind our Study feature will only ask you for phrases that you are just about to forget. The huge advantage is that it will not ask you things you already know well.

This algorithm is called SuperMemo invented by P.A.Wozniak. In the first year of using it, he remembered more than 10,000 English vocab by using his own method. There is a lot of follow-up research that reports similar results.

So, I really hope you can use this feature to improve your Thai rapidly. If there is anything we can to do improve it, let us know!

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