Is Online Learning the Secret to Employee Engagement?

  • Better team performance
  • Increased employee productivity
  • Higher employee retention rates
  • Less worker absenteeism
  • Less workplace stress
  • Lower risk of burnout

What Are the Symptoms of Employee Disengagement?

Signs an Employee is Engaged (or Disengaged)

  • No initiative to perform well
  • Taking excessive breaks
  • Lack of excitement over wins
  • Lack of knowledge-sharing with coworkers

Cure Employee Disengagement with Online Learning

Employees want more training — online learning provides it

Online training is engaging and improves the employee experience

An LMS System Increases Employee Engagement by Improving Training and Connecting Workers

  • Certifications — Easily manage your Continuing Education Units (CEUs) and other certificates, and use embedded e-signature to capture learners’ verification for compliance and auditing.
  • Mobile learning — Provide on-the-go access to training and empower learners to train anywhere, anytime, on any device.
  • Unlimited groups — Organize learners and content in any number of ways, and quickly make changes when needed.
  • Gamification — Keep employees engaged and promote healthy competition with badges, awards, rewards, and more.

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Simon Cooper

Simon Cooper

Simon joined Interactyx as Chief Executive Officer in July 2018. Simon has a strong background in product, pricing and go-to-market strategy for SaaS companies