Dispatch from 2015: Warren Buffett, “I wish I had bought Bitcoin years ago”

Take a look at the future, and remember the past

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Warren Buffett is a very accomplished investor, and a lot of people in the United States consider him on of the savviest.
However, he admits that “you should not buy companies that you don’t understand”.

Years ago, he didn’t buy into Google or Apple stocks, because he doesn’t understand the business model completely. Unfortunately, these companies did very well. See also why Warren Buffett didn’t buy Twitter before its IPO.

That might be the reason why, in early 2014, he declared “Stay away from Bitcoin. It’s a mirage”.
Unfortunately for him, Bitcoin became very successful in the months following his declaration, and today, in the year 2015, there’s no doubt about the revolution unfolding in the financial industry space, sparkled by Bitcoin.

And you know what, though? In the long term, Warren Buffett might be right. He knows that most of us buy and sell stocks, or in general invest into things, with a desire to get short-term gains.
He knows that, in the long run, only long-term thinkers will be successful.

This is why I will hold into my Bitcoins for many years to come.

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