So the pandemic really started to hit the UK and the US halfway through my first Kickstarter crowdfunding attempt for Geco Hub, my wall-mounted organizer.

Although I’d love to use the pandemic as an excuse for why things had slowed down considerably with the campaign, the truth is that it had just run out of steam and ground to a crunching halt.

We got off to a great start early on and things were really looking up, I was so excited! …

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I’m British, born and raised in England, but I’ve just launched a Kickstarter campaign for my new idea from the other side of the world.

My hope in sharing my experience is that you learn a thing or two you can try for yourself if running your own project from afar.

Why & How am I running this campaign from the other side of the planet? Read on to find out.


I’d been working remotely whilst travelling and wanted to launch a Kickstarter campaign to finance the production of a new invention, but my Kickstarter account is an English one…

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I gave myself a crash course in stop motion over the last few days, and whilst still very much an amateur I’ve learnt a lot! It’s been a lot of fun too.

Why exactly have I been working on stop motion?

Long story short, we needed a way to show how easily our product Geco Hub assembled for an upcoming Kickstarter campaign, and diagrams seemed too boring, a demo video seemed too long, and animation seemed too tricky to get perfect with the software we have.

Actually that’s the whole story come to think of it…

Anyway, stop motion was…

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You’re probably reading this because, like me, you run a business and you’re stressed.

If this is the case, I’m hoping what I have to share can help in some way.

I came across this quote recently when reading business blogs.

Why was I doing this?

Because I was stressed. Very stressed.

Running your own business can be exhausting, lonely and muscle-clenchingly stressful. Everything hangs on your shoulders.

It’s often difficult to share your experiences with other non-business owners as they find it difficult to relate. …

I’ve been running my business remotely for 9 months now whilst travelling. It hasn’t been plain sailing, but I’ve learnt a lot.

While many things don’t change when you start working like this, some things definitely do. For example:

  • The time difference between you and colleagues/customers/suppliers
  • Your place of work (obviously)
  • The equipment you have available to work with.

Among many others...

With these changes and others come challenges, and the necessity to find tools to help.

The following is a list of web apps, mobile apps and software which I have been using whilst abroad to help run my…

How living in 49 places in 9 months turned me into a minimalist

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The Backstory

*To jump straight to the 4 methods without the context click here (may not work in some browsers).

As I write this, me and my wife have been living out of a carry-on suitcase and a backpack each for 9 months now, travelling the world and working at the same time. My wife has been working as a locum vet and I’ve been running my UK-based product design business.

During this time we’ve lived in house-sits, hotels & home-stays, Airbnbs, caravans & farms, apartments, motels and even a boat. 49 places and counting.

Loneliness & 4 other challenges of being a digital nomad (and how to overcome them)

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The digital nomad cliche is:

A millennial sat in a trendy coffee roasters,

nursing an hour-old room temp Americano,

tap-tapping on their shiny new MacBook,

to effortlessly fund their next adventure.

Although I fit this cliche almost to a tee (I have a PC not a MacBook), it definitely hasn’t been effortless.

Here are 5 challenges I’ve experienced from 9 months (and counting) working from abroad, and what I have learnt from each.

1. Time Difference

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So tired 🥱.

I knew before I started that 100 To Launch would be a big commitment, especially with everything else I already had going on… and I was right.

After nearly three weeks of the challenge and running Version 22 at the same time I’m feeling pretty burnt out, and have decided it’s time for a bit of a temporary wind down (one was needed before I even started this challenge to be honest!)

As chance would have it, it’s Christmas soon! The Christmas holidays are the perfect excuse to take some time off, so I’m going to do…

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Let me start with a question. (TL:DR at bottom).

What does the phrase “garden shed inventor” conjure up in your mind?

A crazy old man wasting his time on mad ideas that have no hope? Or perhaps an unrecognized genius just one “big break” short of her deserved fame and fortune?

Whatever image you have in your head of this person, I’m willing to bet the image you have of their prototypes is probably something like this:

An ugly jumble of store-bought parts seemingly hastily cobbled together with glue, tape and who knows what else.

How far off was I?

Simon Lyons

Loves solving your problems with inventions. Also curates 2 noteworthy product ideas weekly in “The 22 Review” newsletter. Get it here

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