CNA Week 7- Sports News

Clippers Stun Thunder

In a battle between teams contending for the number 3 seed in the West, the Clippers outlasted the Thunder in a comeback victory in Los Angeles Wednesday night. The Thunder led by 16 points with 7:30 left in the game, but the Clippers went on a 26–5 run to finish the game, to win 103–98. Chris Paul had 21 points and 13 assists and DeAndre Jordan had 20 points and 18 rebounds in the win, with more stats to be found here.

Kid makes hole-in-one at Tigers new course

Taylor Crozier, an 11 year old kid from Texas is now famous for the hole-in-one he made on Tiger Wood’s new golf course. The new course is called BlueJack National, and is located outside of a new community outside of Houston. Crozier, who is a school kid from the area, had not missed a day of school until Wednesday- the day he made the shot.

Part-time OKC owner dies in car accident

Part-owner of the Oklahoma City Thunder died in a single-car crash on Wednesday. Aubrey McClendon, part-owner and former chief executive of Chesapeake Energy, died on impact when his car crashed into a bridge pillar a little after 9 a.m. It has been stated that he had enough time to move his car out of the way, as it was said,”He pretty much drove straight into the wall.”

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