Exercise 6.2

The weekly City Council happened Wednesday night, starting about five minutes late because city councilman Harvey Haddix could not find a parking spot. With a crowd of over two hundred people, he cracked a joke that the police needed to crack down on illegal parkers. This brought a laugh to a good amount of the people in attendance, and brought about the start of the meeting.

The first order of business that was being brought to the table was by a developer named Carl Erskine. He proposed that the cemetery on 2800 block of Forbes be moved so that a supermarket can be put in. He argued that,

”There’s not another supermarket for at least a mile and a half in any direction.”

He also said that they checked the traffic patterns to see if it would cause any problems, and no problems were seen. Multiple questions were asked, and around 20 people spoke, with all but two of them saying they were against rezoning. Early Wynn of 122 Forbes Street said,

“This thing is going to destroy our neighborhood. It’s pretty quiet there now, but if you get this thing in there, it’s going to turn noisy.”

Sarah Yawkey of 555 Bosox Drive added,

“I just can’t believe you’d do this. Anybody who’d do this would steal the dimes off a dead man’s eyes.”

After the speaking was done, the council voted against rezoning 5–2, and with that came a loud cheer, and the exodus of around 160 people, leaving around 40. There were two more orders of business, but they were relatively small compared to the first order of business.

The second topic discussed was a one-cent sales tax, that was brought up by councilwoman Wilma Rudolph. She spoke on how the tax is needed to help the city gain some money. She said it is needed so they can also expand some of the services, like the trash services so they could come twice a week instead of once. The voting was done in the same manner as the rezoning debate, but this time in favor of change, so next year the tax will be imposed.

The final order of business that needed to be talked about was a proposal made by councilman Bill Mazeroski, in the field of being able to license morticians in the city. He believes that since the city has the right to license them, that they should take advantage of it. He is quoted saying,

“The state gives us the power to do this , and I think we should take advantage of it.”

He also said that having them licensed in the city would bring in considerable revenue, since there are more than 30 mortuaries in the city. Some morticians in attendance spoke up against the matter, but it was ultimately passed in a six to one vote.

After this, the meeting was dismissed, and councilman Haddix went outside to find a parking ticket on his car.

Summary: After the rezoning issue was resolved and turned down, the meeting died down and the other issues were taken care of.

The Wednesday night city council meeting had many topics discussed, but what led them all was the proposal by city councilwoman Wilma Rudolph. Rudolph proposed that the city add a one cent sales tax this upcoming year.

Rudolph stated,

“The city desperately needs this money.”

She stated that if the money was not there, then

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