Evenly Distributed

Sometimes I read stuff on the internet.

I’m not sure what it means. The words sound right, is it supposed to be joke, should I be laughing? I didn’t check where the information came from, I shared it with a friends. They commented.

When I know its bad information, I can tell by the font they are using. But I read it anyway, scrolling down right to bottom to read the comments.

The other day it was just like fire. Burning in seven different valleys of hell, unfolding like molten lava from a volcano. Transfixed, slack jawed, I spiraled in on a source(s). I ended up sifting through the ash of several hours.

When you pace it out, measuring the distance from reckon to reckon, do you go heel to toe or just stride out and rely on the evenness of your gait.

This language that evolves like a boiling pot. Words rising blithely from some obscure reference, swelling to blossom as fast fizzing hot bubbles only to consumed again back into the melee with no trace.

So I was just sitting there trying to figure it out. Was it an insult or really good sarcasm? Maybe they were actually being ironic, or perhaps that was how they actually felt. Was I supposed to show empathy or is witnessing a shooting star enough with out explaining it.

Eventually it just stopped. It died as quickly as it started. Fear turned to loneliness.

The questions didn’t make sense and neither did the answers. It was all sorts of gibberish. A dysfunctional assembly of means and modes self referencing, cyclically without origin or context.

You just walked into a room where you didn’t know anyone and then you started yelling. It was absurd, but they all reacted and I was like “whoa”.

Nodding in agreement, it was as if I was reaching this place of deep satisfaction, a transcendent moment. As if harmonics and resonance of a true idea will creates a natural gravity, distributing the frequencies through spacetime forever.

I have this distinct sense that things are coming to a head.


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