The science behind why even a little advertising pays back

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Did you know that Nike and Adidas haven’t posted organically to their Facebook profiles since 2018?

Here’s a screenshot from Adidas’ UK Facebook page that I took recently. You’ll see that the last post happened in 2018.

Stop gambling on what’s trendy and do less — but better

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“All Aboard the Shiny New Thing Bus!”

“Have you tried Tik Tok? Man, that’s where brands are killing it. Join us on the TikTok marketing bus to God knows where.”

Tactics without strategy are pointless — especially the new, shiny ones. Without a strategy, we get distracted from what it is we’re trying to do, and running a business gets chaotic.

It’s tempting to jump on the next chatbot/TikTok/Instagram Stories/VR bus because it’s there, not because it’s right for our business.

I call this behavior “jumping on The Next Shiny Thing Bus” syndrome.

One big lesson that I learned from 15 years working for London ad agencies…

How to write without procrastinating

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Photo by Frederick Medina on Unsplash

There’s a naughty hamster in my brain.

Some nights this hamster goes round and round on its squeaky wheel, keeping my brain awake. I doze in and out of sleep, and when I wake up, I guess that I’ve had four to five hours of broken sleep.

Yes, I am an overthinker. I am one of these thoughtful, anxious types, I always have been. Maybe you are too. Maybe you have a brain hamster, like me.

When it comes to creating content, overthinking can be a blessing. …

Simon Lamey

A British marketing strategist, used to work for London ad agencies

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