Yes! And also what we did to get 37% response rate (and what we did to improve it with +39,5%😃)

Before launching Trustcruit in September 2016 this was the far biggest fear: that only a small percentage would submit feedback. Could we really build a tool so reliant on the fact that candidates actually bother to submit feedback?

The answer is yes! The first month we had more than 1…

(Updated Nov 2020) A short background to Net Promoter Score and CNPS (Candidate Net Promoter Score)

When talking to customers, I often ask them:

What do your customers think about you?

They start chatting about how satisfied their customers are 😃. And about that time when one of their clients actually wasn’t happy ☹️. They then fixed the problem and got their unhappy customer back on track 👍.

Most are proud of collecting feedback…

Simon Werner-Zankl

Passionate about data driven HR, startups and true believer that passion never fails.

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