Malcolm Jamal, your critical thinking is off.
Daniel Johnson

Feeling perplexed by Bill Cosby’s actions, Jamal Warners personal depiction, and Daniel’s portrayal of both men. By no means am I claiming to have an answer. Several things disheartens me, first Bill Cosby’s arrogance, ego, and self-serving deposition. Clearly fame went to his head, lack of grounding, public accountability, self-respect and love for his family. With that said, I believe that Bill as I would say all person’s with this behavior must be accountable for their actions. However, I am fully aware of the double-edge sword for which Black men are held compared to White men. The exposure, news coverage, and judgment message differs. No, I am not excusing Bill’s actions; however, I am acknowledging that his story is playing out differently than a White man in the very same situation. What I will say is I understand Jamal’s immediate need to stand up for the man that influenced his career; however, I caution him to look beyond his personal experience to see a greater problem — sexual assault. Would his opinion differ it it were his mother victimized? For My Brother Daniel, I hear both pain and disappointment in both men. In a world and during an era where Black men are portrayed in only negative images here are two Black men that had an opportunity and did during a time display positive roles models. In truth there was and remains a real life aspect to acting — taking responsibility on and off screen — walk the talk you are preaching and portraying as in most cases your actions are reflective on the Black race, not just to serve you. We (Black people) burn and crash quicker and harder, never forget where you came from as it appeared Bill did…

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