Out of the Darkness
ACLU National

Honestly, Nao’s story speaks to a deeper human reality that exit globally; however, historically within the United States. Human life when the skin color is non-white is expendable, worthless, and unvalued. This is a conscious mindset that outlines the intentional behavior, social conditioning and public lack of accountability when revealed. When incidents like this arise we immediately act in disbelief and in confusion asking questions — why, who, and how? In truth the answers remain the same, so indeed, there is a social learned helplessness to believe that the ethnicity may change, but the similarities of skin color differences are at the foundation of why Indians and Blacks remain disenfranchised and are reminded daily of the harsh treatment of those in power in this country… Open your eyes all the time, not just when someone brings it to your attention because this behavior, which in many cases you are attributing by electing officials that talk a good talk and fail to walk right…. Open your hearts to see inside and be honest about your race conditioning — it is not your fault you were lied to as well, but then find a space to openly discuss the challenges and start to change you….