“I Am Not A Racist.”
Matt Dunsmoor

Very interesting article that surfaces several outstanding points about how white people deal with their racism by denying, ignoring, and attacking. I get it the fear of transitioning from oppressor to being oppressed — scary stuff, but in truth that is what many white people did. Most immigrants traveled to the United States for economic and social freedom. Once freed, you turned into the very thing you escaped. This conversation always reminds me to The Planet of the Ape’s where the social order shifts and humans are caged species tested and experimented upon. My caution is in remaining fearful for nothing in life remains the same — life is always changing and unless there is an impasse where we can partner, learning from our collective mistakes the likihood of transference gets higher and increasing all the time. What I found missing was a closer examination of what does one calling his/herself racist mean to them? What measurement provokes thoughts of personal value when just being white provides a foundation of privilege? What can a racist do to change the element as they continue to live inside the comforts of white suburan exclusion in property that continues to grow in value? No, please do not relocate into a black community to create value because over time gentrification eruptions our possibilities for remaining home owners. What is the solution to dismantling the laws that uphold white privilege? What can you do to change the laws, vote people into office that speak to addressing these issues, what local activities can be engaged to change the narrative of all white city hall, boards of governing committees, and discussing issues that are no longer white self-serving… I loved your article as it provided a white male voice to the landscape for other white people to see themselves and make informed decisions about their role in oppression… I look forward to reading more with actions that can contribute to changing the platform in this lifetime… Praises Matt Dunsmoor my brother as your sister really is depending on you to be the difference…thank you💞

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