When was the last time you draw?

I believe for those who are already parents drawing is nothing special, more like casual routine. But I am appealing to those alike me — still young but old enough to forget what is to be a child and put your feelings and moods of the moment on piece of paper. Easily, without pressure, using a brush and colors of the rainbow. Can you remember last time you did it?

I haven’t drawn since graduation from school but today, thanks to my continuing little challenge, I forced myself to attend Therapy of Creation. I noticed that this is kind of new trend — dance, art, painting, acting therapies, but I never tried any kind of them before so I was curious what is behind this mysterious title.

Me and few other participants got blank sheets of paper and various drawing tools. The task was to draw home of soul. First, with left hand, then — with right one. At the beginning, I felt a bit skeptical because I don’t use words like soul and don’t think much of that in general. But surprisingly it was enjoyable to focus on your thoughts of this abstract subject and play with colors at the same time. And I played. With almost all of them. My home of soul was super colorful.

After we finished, all group and the therapist discussed each of them. What was interesting to find out, that the one drew with left hand express our subconsciousness and the other consciousness. What we really are versus how we design ourselves for surroundings.

Both of my works had huge yellow circle in the middle, surrounded with many bright colors. In my opinion, soul is something light, pure, affected by environment and experiences. But naturally everyone has this bright positive thing somewhere deep inside. According to therapist, colors I drew around the circle express my imagination and positive attitude. Quantity of colors shows my activeness and energy, what is basically true, but was interesting to hear from stranger.

According to one of definitions art therapy is “a modality for self-understanding, emotional change and personal growth.” I guess it is impossible to experience that much during 2 h, but I am glad I tried and enriched my evening with some fun and colors, which is so necessary when it’s dark and cold outside.

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