🎃Happy Halloween!!👻

starring GraphQL and Serverless

Live capture from my Halloween themed slides 😈

Yesterday I got to join the fabulous JAMstack family at the very first edition of JAMstack conf. I spoke about building reusable APIs (the A in JAM) using Serverless and GraphQL. Diego La Manno drew this great sketch of my talk — he did the same for all the other talks so make sure to checkout his twitter feed.

Now instead of Halloween candy 🍬, I’m going to give you something better — two resources to get you started with Serverless and GraphQL TODAY 🔥. The only thing scary about that is how awesome they are!

  1. Guided learning path using Azure Functions. Bonus points, no need for an Azure account, we’ll spin up a sandbox for you while you’re learning with free credits 💲.

2. Workshop created by my friend Sara Vieira, it includes code and video and all the great things you want to learn about GraphQL

Thank you for having me JAMstack, I had a blast! ✨