Make “Seconds” (2nd Lunch that is) available for ALL Public Schools.

This is something that is relative to both the Economic development as well as addressing hunger in America. It started when I dropped off my daughter at childcare (Pre-school)

“What is this crap?!” I exclaimed, as we are stirring with our forks the pile of mush. They could do much better than this… why so far off into variety of processed crap just to be left with starving little tummys left with crackers all damn day???! Why not just keep a consistent BASIC menu for health… not all that cheezy- enchilada that is made with flour instead of corn. This is not chopped TV… these kids are still starving and this is 20 years into education reform. DONT question it, just do it! I bet you leave turkey sandwiches and some fruit twice, they’ll be glad you did. If they’re not hungry right away or at lunch time, like most kids especially early elem, They can reconsider it instead of it being forfeited altogether. Offer a second lunch in a child’s full day school schedule just like reading time. Now, who do I need to slap to put this in place? After you show me that person, then pass the ass of that chef who thinks it’s a good idea experimenting with b*s saucey mess when they can’t even read the ingredients sometimes.