The school of life!

This week it is a hard one to reflect on. I rather be the student then the teacher:). I just cannot say how education should be organised, but I can say what, personally don’t agree with.
Ideally, to me education should be accessible and affordable for everyone; not focusing so much on the exams at first; building up relations and learn to socialize in the first years in school it is so important; instead, is giving us the Start of a ridiculous competition. The education starts in the family, from the day we are born. If we are lucky enough to be born in a family where are enough resources, we don’t have to worry to much about the day after tomorrow; but the choice will always be at the individual level. 
 I’m from a Eastern European country, where you start school at the age of 7. This means, at the age of 7 you start writing, reading, counting. I currently live in UK, where you start school at the age of 4; we expect a 4 year old to recognize his name, even writing it, never mind he has to spent 6hours in school and perform as well… This is beneficial in a way, but on the other hand, in my own eyes, is stealing the childhood. I try not to make a big deal out of this and go with the flow… 
In one of the videos was said that, states needed to find ways to, organize and manage the population into productive citizens through education. This is very sensible to say, but if you think how many young people emigrate from a country where they have attended tax free university. And here I’m going to have someone to bite my head off :)) I’m not saying that they shouldn’t be aloud to emigrate, in fact they should be more appreciated in they own country and not be tempted to leave. Or, young people will attend two universities in the same time, going even for the 3rd one, putting family life on hold, and then the government is wondering why the natality rate is decreasing rapidly. 
Who should be hold responsible for the good quality in education? Everyone! At some point was made a big fuss about how important is the attendance in school. But if you have 100% attendance and your grades are low, nobody is bothered to question you, or your child. In my tiny mind, we need to make everyone responsible, and find what they are good at and explore that, instead of focussing on passing the grades and “God help you” after.

On the padlet wall I’ve came across a few ideas, and I did identified myself, or the sistem I’ve grown up with. For me, at the moment, it is a battle going on with the sistem of education from my native country, and the sistem of education I bring up my own children.