Dispatch From Washington DC: An Unforgettable Cruise To The Picturesque Harbor Of Saint Michaels, By Simon Ateba

SIMON ATEBA on Saint Michaels on Saturday

There were these extremely beautiful, but annoyingly married, young white women who entertained us with their shouts and dance steps as they drank champagne that I almost I forgot my name.

There was also this beautiful young lady who did not want to talk to her parents but felt so comfortable talking to me that she welcomed me with the biggest of smiles as we sidelined dad and mom and began chatting about her email address and Facebook name, only for her to give me a fake email address!

There was also this beautiful African American woman with a beautiful smile, who became one of the best pals on the trip, and who introduced me to one of her best friends, an unassuming white woman, who came all the way from Virginia to enjoy the cruise and the destination.

There was also this woman who came with her daughter all the way from Pennsylvania who almost laughed her heart out when she asked me where I was from and I told her I was the President of Africa, and when she asked me what I was doing in the United States of America, and I told her and her beautiful, beautiful, beautiful daughter, that I had come hoping to be adopted by a rich white family that will just treat me nicely, buy me a jet, give me a beautiful house by the seaside and sponsor all my international travels until I became the world’s most famous global traveler.

There were also these lovely Cameroonian families and friends who were there all through the journey and made the trip a special experience.

But let me start from the beginning.

It was a Saturday cruise I will never forget to remember, a mind blowing voyage into the picturesque harbor of Saint Michaels on the state of Maryland’s Eastern shore.

As one of the top 10 best small coastal towns in America, with outdoor activities such as sailing on historic Skipjacks, kayaking, golfing and bicycling, I must say, I had a blast, a wonderful experience.

And the cruise cost only $75 per person, a small amount of money when you compare it to the tangible benefits I am taking with me in my entire life.

But let me go back to the very the beginning, I am scrambling to put my thoughts together after all the good things I experienced today.

Desmond, a good friend of mine here in the United States, came to pick me home at about 8 o’clock in the morning, and we hit the highway almost immediately.


After a smooth ride, we ended up at Annapolis, the political capital of the state of Maryland.

There, we joined other adventurous friends with their kids and friends and boarded the Lady Sarah passenger ship (or I hope that’s what it was….see picture), and our journey to St. Michaels began at 10 a.m. prompt.

It was a smooth ride on the calm water that lasted about 2 hours and 15 minutes. There were people from different states in the United States, different colors and different ages. There was music, there were drinks, some free, some for a small fee. There were conversations, networking between people who had never met I life. Sometimes, someone stood to take pictures of the beautiful, beautiful sights around us.

I wanted the journey to last forever, the cruise alone, the amazing sights, the lovely people around, the entire ambiance left me wondering how heaven would be like when we reach there (I hope I and you reading this would be there one day). It was great. But, by about 12 noon, we got to St Michaels.

Then began the discovery Saint Michaels. Its harbor and some homes there date back to the mid-1600’s. It is home to the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum. Seeing the old canoes and when they were built, and who built them and how technology has overtaken them was mind blowing.

There were exceptional restaurants, some right in the waterfront, others a bit in the inner parts, several of them severing seafood, including one of the best tasting crab cakes. I did not eat a crab however, what a mistake!

There is a sea of boutique shops there offering specialty foods, jewelry, clothing, home decor and art galleries throughout the town. I was told that for overnight lodging, there are many small inns along with several larger full-service hotels.

But, what I found most fascinating was the history of boats, ships or canoes. We have come a long way and those before us are the reason we have come this far.

The trip back was amazing, the beautiful, beautiful, but sadly, married white women, made a journey back with their dance steps, an experience, I will never forget to remember.

Simon Ateba is the publisher of SIMONATEBA.COM. He’s a global traveler operating from Washington DC

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