Thanks Simona.
Larry Eubanks

Aww Larry, thanks for taking the time and effort to write such a generous and personal comment. I feel wonderful knowing that my small piece not only got read but also made enough of an impact on you that you pondered on it and wrote to me, here. Deeply appreciated.

I can only imagine the work that goes into producing upwards of 3K words a week; your flock is lucky indeed to have you as their pastor.

I think the trick to being motivated to write is to not think of it as more ‘work’ but instead, consider it as a reward. Allow me to share what I personally believe helps me: I choose to focus on how lucky I am that I get to express myself using words, for how many would like to but are unable to flaunt their skills as a wordsmith? I am grateful for the fact that I have a good command over the language and can translate my thoughts into verse or prose without too much effort; that I have had the privilege to hone my craft courtesy my career as a journalist; that my being a voracious reader means my teachers are every single book I have ever read; that I am able to transmit my thoughts and feelings via words to the world on the internet to which I have unrestricted access, with relatively no fear of censorship or incarceration.

And all this helps me understand that exactly like you said so kindly in your comment, what I have is a gift, and not using it or sharing it would be to deprive myself, and others, of the sublime beauty that I am merely a channel for.

Share your passion whenever you feel the urge to write and the solution to hating more screen time than is absolutely necessary? Good old fashioned books. I sometimes also use recorders such as the one on my phone, or an actual dictaphone. Both provide a lovely break from typing and I can always refer to these ‘notes’ when I am ready to actually write.

I too, wish you luck on your journey and will be following you (on Medium), rooting for you as you pen piece after lovely piece.

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