‘Deep Work’ Pioneer Cal Newport on Deep Writing
Writing Routines

This is a very illuminating interview, loved reading it and have learned much. I just have one thing to point out and it’s not about the interview but the description of Writing Routines, after the interview ends. There’s an 'a' missing, as in Writing Routines is 'a' close look….

Please accept this fault-finding in good spirit. I believe even the best writers benefit from having a second set of eyes copy edit their work. Lord knows I’ve helped improve others’ copy just as I’ve had mine vastly improved by a good editor.

Because they’re so valuable, they’re also very rare as few enjoy the thankless and mostly anonymous job of fixing other people’s writing. Folks get touchy when their work is changed or corrected so it can be a contentious job too. And if you think it takes discipline, practice and deep thinking to write, it takes ten times that to edit!

I wish I could honestly say I’ve mastered the art of self editing but I harbour no delusions of that sort. And I appreciate a good editor because the many bad, lazy ones I’ve met, truly do a disservice to writers, both amateurs and professionals, alike.

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