My grandmother, Catherine a couple of years before she passed away, and I (somewhere in my 20s)

Idyllic Childhood
How many people can say they grew up on an island, small and beautiful, living the simple life with all the pleasures of a slow, chilled out existence yet wrapped in the safety and security of a fiercely protective love? I know I can.

Born in Bombay, I…

Over-Apologizing Is Diminishing Your Self-Worth

Image: Simona Terron (made in

Sorry. It’s such an ubiquitous word. We use it all the time. Instead of, “Excuse me?” or “Excuse me!” or “Please” or “I beg your pardon” or even, sad as this may sound, “Thank you.”

And more often than not, it is women uttering this word. In subways, boardrooms, homes…

Why Sweet Basil Seeds Are Really, Really Good For You (And 4 recipes)

Today I’m introducing you to some food trivia on the Weird, Wacky and Wonderful sweet basil seeds or sabja, they’re also known as Tukmaria seeds.

So, hot weather doesn’t just make me craycray, it actually affects my…

(L-R) Cucumber-Mint soup, Carrot-Ginger soup, Melon-Kiwi soup.

What are cold soups? No, they’re not hot soups that are allowed to get cold, those taste terrible!

Cold soups are what I turn to when it’s sweltering hot outside and the face melting heat makes my appetite take a bit of a downturn. …

Two slices of stewed and grilled pineapple stacked atop a crumble made from cashew nuts and peanut brittle on a white plate
Pic credit: Najen Naidoo

The first cake I ever baked was a pineapple upside down cake. It seemed just challenging enough for a curious young cook yet simple enough for a first-time baker to actually pull off. It turned out so stunningly beautiful and delicious that I was hooked — on the art of…

Pic credit: Shot on cheap phone camera in Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Borivali, Bombay, India.

I’m just recovering from a bad bout of viral that left me with acute bronchitis.
And it has only made me grateful. Let me explain:

I used to take for granted the simple ability to be able to breathe unassisted, day in and day out. Bronchitis made this so painful…

Simona Terron

Journalist & writer on the road to recovery from two decades of desk slavery. Growing every day as an independent media professional…n loving every damn minute.

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