One Simple Tip to Help You With Motivation at the Office

This has worked for me, let’s see if it does the same for you.

Taking a 9 to 5 job might be the solution to many problems. Uncertainty. Economic. Identity. How to keep yourself motivated going forward is the big interrogative.

According to a blog I read a couple of days ago, which I can’t seem to find now, the big secret behind work motivation is not linked at all with being satisfied with your career choice, how much money you make or how proud you’re making your parents. The secret is to feel you’re part of a meaningful process that goes beyond personal achievement and transcends into the “meaningful for others” realm. Which means you’re actually affecting people’s lives positively on a mass scale.

Looking back at my days working for an NGO I can honestly say it did feel great to be a part of a greater good. Never the less, staying motivated everyday at the office still seemed to be an issue.

Good news for us, there’s an alternative. And it starts with finding the true reason you work for. No, not the reason why you chose to be an engineer, an arts major or why you chose that NGO to work at. Because the answer for that one is easy: you chose it because it was appealing to you. Of course your career path should be something you like but you actually work for an entirely different reason. That one is the answer that pops up when doing something you love is just not helping you get through a slow day at the office.

The answer is simple: You work because it enables you to achieve your personal goals and dreams. You just have to be clear on which those are and BE SPECIFIC.

If your dream is to travel around the world, owning a house, getting married or just straight up learning then you’ll stay motivated by finding a job that enables you to do so.

True, it’s easier to achieve goals if you actually like what you do for a living but this only works if your motivation is not strictly tied to it. Inevitably there will be times when work is slower and heavier and a stronger more meaningful reason to keep going is always a good backup to have.

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