Dissociation Identity Disorder is an interesting thing to live with.

Psychiatrists don’t believe in it generally and usually diagnose the suffering with bipolar disorder or schizophrenia.

This is kind of pathetic and often leads to re-victimisation of the suffering person at the hands of supposedly caring professionals.

My story in coming to understand my illness has been a hard fought battle with many a fool. I’ve researched hypnosis and self awareness and I’ve begun to understand this tool is really the only effective treatment.

The seperate versions very fragile identity’s of the disorder can never be surmounted and this un- nerved me a lot at the beginning of self examination, although now I am quite comfortable with this fact.

Dissociation identity is caused universally by trauma, usually perpetrated by family members and sexual abuse.

I personally remember the instance when I first formed my ‘protector alter,

I was eight and had just been sexually assaulted by my very drunk father.

Dissociation identity disorder can only be formed amount the very intelligent. Most people with the usual trauma become do not have the cognitive skills necessary to compartmentalise their personality or identity, especially as children.

I struggle with what is my real identity greatly. Sometimes I feel like I’m aping others ideals and my personal identification is mostly unknown to me.

One thing is certain myself and the other two alters are very kind.

We work in unison to protect our broken self.

The human mind is interesting and it’s always work in progress but it would be really nice if this disorder was recognised and treated. It currently is not