Implementing Night Mode for Sense on Android


Design spec Day and Night modes

Night Mode Resources

night theme profile
day theme profile
Picasso picasso = new Picasso.Builder(context)
# Clear entire cache
# Per request basis

Scheduled Night Mode

  1. User must grant runtime location permission to the app. (sdk 23+)
  2. Device location service settings are enabled and correct location mode is selected.
  3. A current location can be determined and stored for reference to calculate sunset and sunrise period.
runtime location permission request
Google Play Location Services in app request dialog
  • no way to be notified of an incoming scheduled theme change for existing activities.
  • no way to listen for location updates if failed to fetch last known location despite granting location runtime permission and enabling device location services.
  • not documented when the location used to calculate the sunset sunrise times would be updated to provide accurate scheduled theme changes.

Finishing Touches

Enter Exit Fade Window Animation



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